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Buying your shoes for Scottish Highland Dance class: For a first-time student, any soft-soled dance slippers with no heel will work. There are many common movements in Highland Dance where a heel would interfere with smooth movement of foot. Shoes should fit comfortably, but with no extra shoe leather extending beyond the toes so that your toes do not catch on the floor. You may want to try them on with knee socks as we encourage wearing knee socks in class to aid smooth movement of the foot against the calf. Basic dance/ballet slippers are available at many local dance wear shops or at online retailers such as Discount Dance Supply. 

Buying Ghillies

If you would like to purchase the traditional shoes (or ghillies) worn for Scottish Highland Dance, there are several styles and brands available. Piedmont Highland Dance instructors will be happy to talk to you about the different brands and how your ghillies should fit. Generally, you will be buying them a bit snug so that they will stretch and form to your foot. Most dancers make sure there will be room for knee socks or kilt hose after they stretch. Note: You will want to look for Scottish ghillies, not Irish.

Here are a few of the brands and retailers you may consider:

Hullachan Ghillies

Toe and Heel Gold

Gandolfi and James Senior