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Piedmont Highland Dance General Information for Students

Welcome to Piedmont Highland Dance! Here’s what you will need to know to attend our classes and begin your journey to fun, fitness and friendships through the art of Highland Dance.

Class Descriptions

Beginner Level:

All class levels begin with a period of warm-ups and stretches. Beginner students learn the basic positions and technique needed for for Highland Dance. Dances taught at this level are Fling, S-Reel and more. All class levels finish with a warm-down and stretch period.

Intermediate/Advanced Level:

All class levels begin with a period of warm-ups and stretches. Intermediate and Advanced students continue honing their technique and building stamina. More advanced steps are added to the Fling, Sword and Reel steps previously learned. All Scottish National dances such as Lilt, Flora, Johnnie and more are taught at this level. Lesser known dances such as the Hebridean dances are introduced as well as choreography and performance skills. All class levels finish with a warm-down and stretch period.

What to Wear

Students will want to dress in comfortable clothing that allows flexibility and movement. Loose-fitting pants are not recommended as legs and feet can become entangled in the extra material. Shorts, yoga pants or leggings are ideal.
Many students prefer to wear shorts/pants that are tight-fitting as either their top layer or as a base layer as that provide extra coverage during the floor/mat portion of the warm-ups.
Students may want to dress in layers so that layers can be removed as class progresses.
Ladies in particular may find a sports bra or other supportive bra helpful.
Many dancers like to wear knee socks to help reduce friction during foot movements that are close to the calf.


New students may wear any comfortable flat dance slippers that can move across the floor without grabbing. Dance shoes must be flat with no heels as heels can get caught on the calf while executing movements. Basic ballet slippers are fine until students feel ready to buy their first pair of Highland ghillies. If the dance slippers are not padded, many students add an insole. For more information, please see the our footwear page.

What to Bring

Students will need to bring water and a mat, such as a roll-up yoga mat. A small foam roller and tennis ball are helpful for tissue massage.

Find Us

Piedmont Highland Dance classes are held Mondays at 7-9 p.m. on the campus of Piedmont High School in Piedmont, Ca., 94611. The dance studio is located above the Gymnasium and locker rooms. 


Map and driving directions:
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