The John Muir House in Martinez, California annually hosts a combined Earth Day and John Muir Birthday celebration. It’s certainly an appropriate combination since Scottish-born John Muir was, among so many things, instrumental in adding Yosemite and other parks to the national park system and creating the Sierra Club.

Piedmont Highland Dance was well-represented by dancers  Dana Charron, Patty Coe, Barbara Cormack and Kathy Yam Saturday at the John Muir House B/Earth Day 2017 celebration. They were accompanied by the Piedmont Highlanders Pipe Band and danced a Fling, Seann Triubhas, and Barracks Johnnie. Thank you Pipe Major Ellison Dunlap and band members!

Many thanks also to the John Muir House National Historic Site volunteers…and to John Muir himself, of course!